Arjan Blok; owner of United Development, began his career in Dairy Development in the United States in 2002.  Together with a partner he built many of the dairies along the I29 corridor, including his own, Global Dairy, which is located in Estelline South Dakota.  In 2009 he developed his own company, United Development, LLC and has continued to build new dairies as well as feedlots, heifer and calf facilities, feed storage centers, shop building/equipment storage buildings, and other agricultural facilities.  United Development also provides consulting expertise on dairy projects throughout the United States and other countries.  Because he has the advantage of owning his own dairy which continues to expand, he has the ability to test new products and systems on the market including building materials, ventilation and waste management products and systems, designs, etc. which allows him to provide customers with personal knowledge and experience in various aspects of building and design.